UPDATE: Sister Barbara and Pastor “Chick” Make Plans

UPDATE, May 20, 2015: Sister Barbara is returning to Uganda because of a need in our natural health clinics there. One of our dear friends in the faith has volunteered to accompany her on this mission. I expect my wife to be gone 6 months to a year, depending on the success of her efforts.

Now, I am not likely to be walking any long distances without support. If any of you brothers are available to drive my support vehicle, let me know. I am also available for some speaking engagements if any would want to check with their pastors or church boards.

I am presently working on the flag promotion for submission to the National Museum of American History — Smithsonian Institute. If you have any political connections which might be helpful in this endeavor, please contact me. The Smithsonian staff explained to me that few submissions are accepted, so I must “sell” them on the historic value of my American flag.


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