Day #39 News Clips – Channel 7 & Channel 4

Day #39 News Clips – Channel 7 & Channel 4

We were not able to find these 2 news clips online so we ordered a copy of them and just received them.

While we are disappointed in these reports, we are posting them here for the record. At least they did serve the purpose of getting people’s attention so that they could look up the URL on Pastor Chick’s shirt to learn more. Also those that had opportunity to meet him learned about the causes from him in person.


2 responses to “Day #39 News Clips – Channel 7 & Channel 4”

  1. Teresa Murphy says :

    Day #56 Cleveland Tn Teresa Murphy We Stopped In a white Honda CRV and told you my good frine Linda Oliver had recently passed and God had laid it on my heart to stop and give a donation to the cause in her name I know she is smiling down from heaven upon you and all of us May the good lLord watch over you throughout your entrire journey from one military family to another God Bless You!!!

    • walkthewalknow says :

      I am proud to tell you that on April 29th, Pastor “Chick” McGill completed his coast to coast national prayer walk as he arrived at Santa Monica Pier.

      Updates along the route, as well as media coverage as he reached his final destination, can be viewed by visiting and clicking on either the Facebook event link or the blog link.

      We would like to see the flag he carried entered into the National Museum of History at the Smithsonian

      Please help us by signing the petition to them at

      Thank you, Barbara, Liaison Coordinator

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