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Day #43 On Video

Day #43 On Video

Day #43 – After the Walk

Day #43 – After the Walk

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Day #43

At the end of the walk today, we opted to drive into Clayton (about ten miles) to eat where we found some women that expressed interest in the walk. While there we stopped at the Clayton Tribune office and Matt Payne interviewed Pastor Chick.


Day #43 End

Day #43 End

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Day #43 ended at Chattooga Ridge Road. While waiting on him to reach there, I took a photo of scenery alongside the road and some flowers.

Day #43 More Interest

Day #43 More Interest

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Before Day #43 ended,Pastor Chick was interviewed by Sky 104 Radio and met four more people that expressed their support.

Day #43 Walking in the Rain

Day #43 Walking in the Rain

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This day’s walk started at Calvary Church of God in Westminster, SC and continued west on US 76. Soon after the walk started, it began sprinkling. Katie Magley pulled over beside the parked car to express her support – while it was sprinkling.

Later, as it rained lightly, Pastor Chick decided the rain felt good and continued. It was a blessing as we met people we would not have without the rain. At one point the rain became so heavy, he stopped under a shelter, and as a result met a family that might join in the walk tomorrow in Clayton. Before meeting us, they had driven by Pastor Chick, looked up the websites, and watched the news videos! They were very interested in learning more.
Another four men stopped in the rain to learn about the walk.

Just Walkin’ in the Rain

It was overcast and dark from the very beginning — nearly 6:30 am when I began walking from Calvary Church of God outside of Westminster, SC to the west. I wore the size 9 Brooks shoes and got off to a fast start.

During the first 8 miles, I managed a pace of faster than 3 miles per hour, and that was including some fairly long hills. There were light sprinkles of rain here and there, but I opted to keep up the walk.

After the 9 mile mark, the rain began to come down in buckets, and to my great benefit, I found shelter under a shed near the apple orchards. Of course, I was soaked pretty well by the time I reached the dry. The rain did not let up for a long duration. And, when the rain subsided, it did not quit altogether; so, I finished the balance of 12.7 miles in the drizzle.

Sky 104.1 radio news director from Clayton, GA met me along the road and asked me for an interview. He found another shed up the road under which we conducted the session.

Once the day’s walk was completed, Barb and I drove into Clayton to eat, and afterwards visited The Clayton Tribune where we held another lengthy interview.

We met some very special people on this Day #43. I think Barbara is posting what pictures she has to share. This was the first day since we began the walk that rain was encountered. Just walkin’ in the rain is not all that bad.  🙂

Day #43 Interview with Sky104 Radio

Day #43 Interview with Sky104 Radio

Refreshed and Ready

It is almost time to retire on Sunday evening after three days off from walking. As Barbara posted already, Sabbath was full and delightful.

Sunday has been a day full of  blessings. We went to the Calvary Church of God for 9:00 am breakfast, answering an invitation from a youth named Hannah Grace. Her father prepared six farm-fresh eggs for me which was a special order. Barbara and I enjoyed some fresh fruit and juice as we partook in their early morning devotional for the ministry team.

After breakfast, Chris (father of Hannah Grace) gave us the tour of their facilities, and to our surprise, Pastor Brown gave us a donation to cover some of our fuel expenses. What a blessing it was to visit these active believers. They are known in the community for their programs.

Barbara and I attended the worship service at Westminster Baptist Church after leaving the church of God. Pastor Randy is a proper man — articulate with words. He reminded us that “freedom is never free” as he elaborated on the sacrifice made by the Father and HIs Son to set us free from sin. At the close of the service, Pastor Randy invited their mission team to stand in front for special prayer, and he also asked Barb and I to come forward as well. The deacons laid hands on us for a time of prayer that our mission might be successful and blessed of God.

Following church services, and after washing our clothes at the coin laundry in Westminster, we opted to eat at Yousef’s Kitchen near the Laundry. We had eaten there on Thursday at their invitation for a free meal. While eating, a crippled lady came to our table and laid down two dollars saying, “God bless you and have a safe trip.” Then, as I was standing at the cash register ready to pay for our meals, a biker came over and grabbed the ticket from my hand saying, “That’s mine.”

We went over to the table where four “Christian bikers” were sitting, and they were very supportive, giving us the blessing, “We’re behind you all the way.”

Later in the day, I talked on the phone with Daniel who is traveling across America west to east on a mission for God. He has been held up in Flagstaff, AZ for three weeks suffering an infection. God blessed him with care-takers who love our LORD. Daniel is determined to meet me in Oklahoma later this year; so, may God’s will be done.

As I make preparations to retire for the day, I am praying that 4:00 am will find me “refreshed and ready” for a long walk on Monday.

June 28, Day of Rest and Blessings

Sabbath, June 28th, turned out to be a full day.

As I was preparing breakfast, I saw a pickup truck drive up between the car and motor home, stop for awhile, and drive on. As we were eating, it drove by again, and left. I kept watching and soon saw the truck parked across the street. Thinking they might be waiting for us to go outside to come back and visit, Pastor went out by the car, and sure enough, they came back. They had seen the news on TV, and wanted to meet Pastor.

We attended a Seventh-day Adventist church, which turned out to be a black church and pretty friendly.

There was one white woman attending the service, who is a Romanian. When it was time for communion, she came over to encourage us to participate in foot washing, and our discussion began. When the service was completed, she invited us to follow her to her house and join her for fellowship with some other Romanians.

We decided to take her up on it. We drove through scattered rain showers, some of them very heavy. We lost track of her and turned around to return to the RV. On the way she called and we learned that we had driven farther than necessary, so met her at the correct exit and followed her to her house.

She drove us to her relatives’ house and we shared a late lunch with them and some interesting conversation. Before we left, her grandparents, who have a beehive, gave us a jar of fresh honey. When we were leaving, we were also given some fresh peaches.

We were offered opportunity to spend the night at Doinna’s house, but opted to drive back to the motor home because of a commitment we had made for Sunday morning. When we were ready to depart, she followed us to the service station, filled up our gas tank and bought us some juice and trail mix.

It was 10PM when we reached the motor home.

Thanks to Yahweh for the blessings of the day.



Friday Repose and Self-Examination

Last evening Barbara and I were able to relax in a place that had hot water for baths and showers. My feet and ankles were in great need of the water treatment. Today has been reserved for self-examination and character development. Barbara and I enjoy one special day per month for this purpose.

I have been surprised at how much my feet have rebelled lately. Perhaps the faster walking pace motivated by the new Brooks shoes has taken its toll. Anyway, I wind up taking three days off this week. I keep thinking this old body of mine is going to get in shape soon; I just don’t know how “soon” that is going to be. Heat is certainly a potential factor as well. I must try to begin each day at 6:00 am or soon thereafter, hoping to finish up by noon. When I have had success with that schedule, the intense heat of the day has largely been avoided..

Sabbath is coming in a few hours, and the additional rest and spiritual renewal is welcomed. Our Heavenly Father certainly knew what He was doing when He blessed and sanctified the Sabbath day on the seventh day of creation. As Jesus put it, “The Sabbath was made for man.”

Sunday morning we look forward to a breakfast and devotional at the Calvary Church of God a few miles from Westminster, SC. We were cordially invited by a young girl who attends church there. I told her I can eat six scrambled eggs from those free-range chickens, and she assured me that her dad would fill the order.  🙂


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