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Encouragement while almost to reach Plymouth

Today, when Pastor Chick was almost at Plymouth, it began to rain. I pulled over so he get in the car, and another car pulled up next to me. Well, the rain stopped, Pastor reached the car, and we all visited.

It turns out that Jo-shella Simmons, of Creswell, had seen Pastor Chick walking twice. Both she and her mother, Mellissa Sorey, were excited to see us and learn the purpose of the walk.

Pastor Chick told them “I have received much energy from your encouragement. I know I will make it now. My hunger has even left me!”



New Song

While I was waiting in the pace car, Pastor Chick walked up and said “Do you want to take a video? I want to sing a new song that God gave me as I walked.” Here it is!

Day #6

From Creswell to Plymouth, NC

Video About Man Who Read About Walk in Sunday School

I finally got this to upload. Sorry for the delay.

What Kind of Shoes?

A few people are asking what kind of shoes I am wearing. I started with the new TEVA specialty shoes that were donated, but my right foot could not adjust very well. I went back to an old pair of New Balance that I got in a thrift shop in Prescott, AZ last year. They worked nicely, but I decided to try another older pair of New Balance, also found in a thrift shop and well-used. I began to alternate between the two pair of New Balance and no more noticeable problems with the right foot. I intend to break in the TEVA shoes after my feet become well-adjusted to daily long-distance walking.

End of Day #6

After walking 22.95 miles in 8.5 walking hours in strong gusty winds, Pastor Chick ended his day #6 with a visit at the First Baptist Church in Plymouth, NC. Pastor Jimmy Hagwood says he will be out of town tomorrow but he will look for someone that can walk across Plymouth tomorrow with Pastor Chick. He prayed for us before we departed for our Safe-Station in Colombia.


Man Who Read About the Walk in Sunday Shool

Man Who Read About the Walk in Sunday Shool

Today when we were out, Randy stopped to talk with us. He said that in Sunday school they read about the walk. He was impressed by Pastor’s obedience and faith and prayed with us before going his way.

End of Day #6


After 22.95 miles in 8.5 hours walking time,  Day #6 ended with a stop at the First Baptist Church in Plymouth, NC.  Pastor Jimmy Hagwood says he is trying to find someone that will have time to walk across Plymouth tomorrow with Pastor Chick as he will be out of town.  He offered prayer as we left for our Safe-Station in Colombia.

Mike’s Kitchen in Columbia, North Carolina

Mike's Kitchen in Columbia, North Carolina

After walking 7 miles and entering Columbia, we decided to stop for some food at Mike’s Kitchen. While waiting for our food, Mike, the owner of the restaurant, sat down to talk with us, showing his interest in the walk.

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