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“The Legacy of a Leader”

Thank you to Pastor Randy Keasler, Westminster Baptist Church, Westminster, SC, for this simple method of raising up leaders:


1. I do it.

2. I do it – you watch.

3. I do it – you help.

4. You do it – I help.

5. You do it – I watch.

You do it. (I start over)


Sabbath Afternoon Blessing (Saturday, March 29)

Pastor Chick and Carl Precision in Sabbath afternoon discussion.

Pastor Chick and Carl Precision in Sabbath afternoon discussion.

We accepted an invitation from a SDA, Carl P., to go to his house.  Thanks to our Father in Heaven (also Carl and his wife, Heather, and their son, Jacob) for their hospitality, which included hot showers (a special blessing after traveling for a week in the motor home.


Shift of Safe Stations

Today we shifted the motor home from the Safe Station in Morganville, Georgia to our Safe Station in Westminster, South Carolina.  We drove through fog and drizzle on hilly and curvy roads and arrived safely.  Thanks to Yahweh!

Safe-Station Sponsor Westminster, SC


Pastor Randy Keasler agreed to facilitate us with a Safe-Station at the Westminster Baptist Church.

Blue Ridge News Observer Interview

Yesterday we were contacted by a press agent from the News Observer in Blue Ridge, GA. He came out to our “safe-station,” took a picture of Pastor “Chick” by the pace car, and asked a few questions. He intends to write something for the April 2nd edition.

A couple took us out for dinner.

Butch, who is retired from the Atlanta, GA police department, and his wife, Joann, took us out for dinner. They have been missionaries to South America and Africa, so we shared several inspiring stories of our mission adventures. Thanks to YAHWEH for His kindness extended through others.

Gas Donation from Stranger

Gas Donation from Stranger

We met Steve at a Race Trac convenient mart in Clayton, GA. He was traveling on his motorcycle back home to Murphy, NC. As we visited briefly, I discovered he believes in God but not “churchianity” (organized religion). He donated to our fuel fund as we departed. Thanks be to YAHWEH for His generosity.

Safe-Station Sponsor in Morganton, GA

Safe-Station Sponsor in Morganton, GA

Pastor Keith Jones, in connection with Brother Claude Mathis at the Baptist Association in Blue Ridge, GA, arranged this safe-station location for us.

This evening we joined a small Bible study group at this Church. Pastor Keith Jones warmly introduced himself and gave Pastor Chick time after the prayer to tell about the walk across America. These people have the same concerns and support the same causes we do. One man, as we were leaving, gave Pastor his card and said he will walk with him in this area.

Tracing route in Georgia



It is March 25th and we are having snow flurries!

Gospel Tract Sponsor


Today we received a donation and gospel tracts from the Baptist Association in Blue Ridge, Georgia

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