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Day #151 – Walking into Tucumcari, NM

Day #151 – Walking into Tucumcari, NM

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This morning, as we made a stop at Flying J, we found it to be a very busy place, apparently due to people traveling to their destination to spend the holidays. We met a couple, Debby and Jeremy, who were amazed that Pastor McGill is walking to California. They are from California and going to spend two weeks in Oklahoma, before returning to California. They said they will definately follow our walk when they return to California.

Freedom Walker started walking, the skies were blue and the wind not very strong!

Pastor “Chick’s” first roadside encounter was with a dog. It was persistent at charging towards him, but when Pastor “Chick” returned the charge with the ‘lightening rod’ on the end of his flagpole, the dog decided to retreat. When I caught up with him, I saw dogs at the side of the road, but by then, they all had decided to remain on their side of the road.

The second roadside encounter was the driver of a pickup truck. He said that he had seen Pastor “Chick” on TV, but was in a hurry and didn’t have time to talk.

As we walked along US 66, we saw a huge culvert that passes under I-40 – and wondered why such a huge culvert is needed.

After walking close to 12 miles, he entered Tucumcari, NM. At 12.4 miles, after he stopped for the day near the Old Hwy. 66 Texaco station, he crossed the road to the Texaco and ‘shook hands’ with “?”.

Day #149 – Walking on I-40 West through New Mexico

Day #149 – Walking on I-40 West through New Mexico

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

As Cross-Country Flagman walked along I-40, he saw a vehicle pulled over with it’s hood up. A New Mexico Motor Transportation Police vehicle was pulled over close to it. As he approached, the officer greeted Freedom Walker, learned what he is doing, and said “Thank you for doing that!”

After walking 12.2 miles today, we visited a small gift shop in Tucumcari, and visited Flora, who “absolutely agrees” that we Christians must take a stand and ‘walk our talk’. She gave Pastor Chick a pin to wear on his cap listing all 8 states that Route 66 goes through.

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