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Day #152 – Speaking and Praying at Tucumcari, NM City Hall

Day #152 – Pastor Chick McGill speaks and prays at Tucumcari, New Mexico City Hall.

Joining him are Mayor Robert Lumpkin, City Council Members (Rick Haymaker, John Mims, Amy Gutierrez), City Manager Jared Langenegger, City Clerk, Angelica, Quay County Sun Editor Steve Hanson, and other City Hall Staff.

Day #152 – KTNM 1400 AM Radio – Live Interview

Day #152 – KTNM 1400 AM Radio – Live Interview

Day #152 Interests

Day #152 Interests

This morning a man stopped and said he had heard Pastor Chick talking on the radio – and believes in what he is doing.

After he finished walking and went for lunch, Jason came over and asked if he is the man he has seen walking along I-40 all the way from Amarillo! He had been seeing him all that distance and finally caught up with him.

Day #152 – Pictures Taken in Tucumcari, NM

Day #152 – Pictures Taken in Tucumcari, NM

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Day #152 – KQAY 92.7 FM Live Interview

Day #152 – KQAY 92.7 FM Live Interview

Day #152 Welcome by Tucumcari, NM City Hall

Day #152 Welcome by Tucumcari, NM City Hall

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

After Steve Hanson, Quay County sun arrived, all who had gathered inside, went outside for pictures. The City Hall staff also joined us outside.

After Cross-Country Flagman told why he is walking across the country, and presented a memento of this historic walk to the city in care of Mayor Robert Lumpkin, he had prayer with all who had joined together.

Mayor Lumpkin said that they are proud to have Cross-Country Flagman come through Tucumcari. He also said that he is pleased to already see positive changes occurring in America.

We noticed that the Ten Commandments are erected in front of City Hall.

Councilman Rick Haymaker, prayed for healing of Cross-Country Flagman’s knee (a new problem with it) and feet (plantar fasciitis).

Thank you, Mayor Lumpkin, for organizing such a welcome to Tucumcari! Also thank you to all who came to City Hall for your appreciation and support of this walk.

Day #152 Cross-Country Flagman Walks through Tucumcari, New Mexico

Day #152 Cross-Country Flagman Walks through Tucumcari, New Mexico

Day #152 Radio Interviews

Day #152 Radio Interviews

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

We arrived in Tucumcari at the radio station a little before 8:00 AM. Russell Braziel interviewed Cross-Country Flagman live on KQAY 92.7 FM radio. Then he was asked to go in another studio where he was interviewed live by Tony Clayton on KTNM 1400 AM radio.

The interviews went very smoothly and were pleasant and enjoyable.

Videos of these interviews will be posted as soon as they are processed.

Day #152 Scenery Pics

Day #152 Scenery Pics

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

We woke up this morning to find snow on the ground, but the roads were clear. We drove to the walk site, and as we did, saw a beautiful sunrise as well as some beautiful snow scenery.

We appreciate the beauty that our Father, the Creator of the Universe has provided for us!

Day #151 – Pastor “Chick” Walks into Tucumcari, NM

Day #151 – Pastor “Chick” Walks into Tucumcari, NM

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