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Pastor Chick made an effort to meet with NC Rep. Thom Tillis

On short notice, I tried to connect with Thom Tillis in Raleigh. Here is the email exchange…

Good Morning Sir,
          After reviewing the Speaker’s calendar, due to the schedule for session, the Speaker will not be able to host the meeting proposed. The Speaker has also looked into alternative options such as presenting a surrogate in the Speaker’s place, unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful. The Speaker is disappointed that he cannot personally accommodate, and would like to extend his best wishes on your success.

Respectfully Submitted,
William Morales JR
Executive Assistant

Office of the Speaker – Speaker Thom Tillis
N.C. House of Representatives
Room 2304 – Legislative Building
16 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC  27601
PH: (919) 733-3451
From: Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill [mailto:pastor_csda@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 9:20 PM
To: Rep. Thom Tillis (Speaker)
Subject: Referral from Mayor Rose of Wilson, NC

Dear Mr. Tillis:

I am presently walking across America, promoting a new birth of freedom and integrity throughout the land. When visiting with Wilson Mayor Rose, he referred me to you as an influential and dependable statesman.

I wish to talk briefly with you about a petition to Congress that I am fervently promoting. I need the necessary backing to achieve our desired result.

I will be walking into Raleigh via US 401 tomorrow (Thursday, May 15th), finishing up at the Chamber of Commerce complex. On Friday, I have most of the day free if an appointment could be arranged at your convenience. My cell number is 731-610-7341 and if no answer, please try my wife, Barbara, at 731-453-5590.

Thank you for your kind consideration, as I remain

Cordially yours,
Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill

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