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Day #192 – Walking into Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #192 – Walking into Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #192 – Interest Entering Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #192 – Interest Entering Flagstaff, Arizona

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On the outskirts of Flagstaff, a Navajo couple, Deeanne and Jimmy Walker, greeted Freedom Walker. They had seen pictures of him in the newspaper and were excited to meet him.

After the walk, we met Yvonne, who was interested in the reasons he is walking.

We went to Flagstaff City Hall and met with Mayor Jerry Nabours, who warmly greeted Pastor “Chick”. He was pleased to accept the 40 day prayer guide for our nation, as a memento of this historic walk. He sees this as being significant as the 40 days of Lent recently began.

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