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Day #194 – Heading west from Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #194 – Heading west from Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #194 – Roadside Encounters walking west from Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #194 – Roadside Encounters walking west from Flagstaff, Arizona

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Today, there were a few roadside encounters – most them walking on the forestry road through Kaibab National Forest.

A veteran from the Army stopped and thanked him for what he is doing.

A sheriff vehicle stopped. The two women inside were friendly and interested in what he is doing. They wished him safety and luck on his journey.

Pete stopped and said he lives off of the forestry road. He was glad to hear about the walk and causes.

Another couple stopped and said they live nearby and usually walk in the forest daily. They were very interested in the walk.

Day #194 – West from Flagstaff, Arizona

Day #194 – West from Flagstaff, Arizona

This morning we got a late start – close to 11:30 AM. The temperature was warm starting out, but the wind kicked up causing it to feel much colder.

Part of the walk was on I-40, and Cross-Country Flagman started wearing a safety green vest today – but not as a vest because the words on his shirt need to be seen.

The rest of the walk was through the Kaibab National Forest, where he had some roadside encounters.

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