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Day #153 – Interests

Day #153 – Interests

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Today the weather began fairly nice, though a little bit cold. After a short distance, the wind came up from the west and was cold. Pastor Chick walked into this strong cold wind most of the way, making his trek for the day, though short in miles, seem long.

There was a roadside encounter while on I-40. a car pulled over, Andrea, Michelle, and David got out, and they talked for quite a while. They thanked him for what we are doing and said that we are doing awesome stuff.

As Pastor Chick left I-40 to find his stopping place for the day, he had another roadside encounter. Richard Randall had read about the walk in the Quay County Sun newspaper. He commented that it is much colder here in New Mexico than it was in North Carolina, and encouraged him to continue.

After eating lunch, Ernest saw the back of Pastor Chick’s shirt and inquired about the walk. He says we need something fresh in America and that he is a firm believer in creation.

Khadijah said ‘congratulations’ (for the distance walked) and appreciated what Pastor Chick is doing.

While putting fuel in the car, we met Pat Lujan who is from New Jersey but currently living in Albuquerque. He said we have to get rid of all racist ideas.

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