Day #209 – A day many took interest in the walk

Day #209 – A day many took interest in the walk

Early in the day a young woman (mother of two veterans) stopped and offered Cross-Country Flagman a large bottle of water.

A Vietnam War Veteran said he had read about him in the newspaper and appreciates what he is doing.

A young man, Josh, drove up by me, as I was walking from the car, and asked how long we had been doing this.
He had seen Freedom Walker and wanted to read the website on his shirt, but was not able to due to traffic. When he saw me, he stopped, and was happy to receive a walk card with our website address so he can look it up and learn more about the walk.

Brenda Jackson stopped, having seen us in the news. She saw us walking and was excited, thinking “They
must be the ones in the news!” She is very appreciative about what we are doing and will share it with others.

Cathy and David were on the way to eat breakfast, said they had read about us in the newspaper, and invited us to join them for breakfast.

Luis Bravo, whom we met as we visited a church on Sabbath, stopped to talk and wish Cross-Country Flagman well.

Blu, who preferred not to have his picture taken, believes much the same as we do.

Another man walked to meet Pastor “Chick”. He had read about this walk in the newspaper and wanted to express his appreciation.


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