Day #205 – Interview with the Daily Miner

Day #205 – Interview with the Daily Miner

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Kim Steele, reporter for the Daily Miner, met with Cross-Country Flagman, took some pictures and interviewed him.

While she was there, Victor pulled up and got out of the car to talk. Seeing a gathering, Collin came to see what was going on (joined by Jason and Chris), and appreciated what they learned.

Before I drove away from Flying J, where we met with Kim, Jim Clameas, who does prison ministry in connection with Bill Glaser Prison MInistries, walked over to the car to express his support of this walk.

The Standard newspaper had already published a picture of Cross-Country Flagman, stating when he would be coming through Kingman. Also it was announced on the radio, so many people recognized him.


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