Day #196 – Encounters in Williams, Arizona

Day #196 – Encounters in Williams, Arizona

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Walking down the street in Williams, Arizona, Erica, who manages the Mountain Side Inn, came rushing out to greet Freedom Walker and shake his hand. She is really impressed with, and appreciative of, his mission.

Next, Jeff Pruitt and Ed Lechner came out of Goldie’s Route 66 Diner to greet him and offer him breakfast. Jeff is the owner of the diner and Ed is a 91 year old WW2 veteran, to whom the American flag is very meaningful. They are both very interested and supportive and invited us to return later for a complimentary meal. We did return (after he finished walking) and our breakfast was the best we have eaten in a restaurant recently.

While Freedom Walker was standing there talking with Jeff and Ed, a woman came up behind them with a camera. Her name is Valerie. A co-worker had told her Freedom Walker would be walking through town, so she had been watching for him as she wanted to meet him, take pictures, and learn more about the reasons he is walking. She is very appreciative and supportive.

Matt Broehm, with the VFW, conversed with Freedom Walker. He is very supportive and said he would try to find a church (or churches) that would like to hear him speak about the walk this Sunday.

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