Day #187 – Entering Winslow, Arizona

Day #187 – Entering Winslow, Arizona

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After walking ten miles, Freedom Walker entered into Winslow, Arizona. At the very edge of town, he met Terry and Elizabeth, who expressed their support of this walk, saying “You’re right on – we are so proud of you.”

There is a small park near the edge of Winslow. I parked there and heard Larry talking on the phone about Freedom Walker, who was approaching. He was talking to his pastor and asking him to come and join him to meet Freedom Walker.

Shortly Pastor Allen Pashano arrived. He gave each of us a t-shirt with the fruits of the Spirit on the back, and offered to take us to his house if he needed a place to sit down and rest. Freedom Walker opted to continue through Winslow so he would be sure to finish the walk today.

Thank you all for such a warm welcome to Winslow!

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