Day #185 – Flag Repair in Holbrook, Arizona

Day #185 – Flag Repair in Holbrook, Arizona

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After completing the walk through Holbrook, we took a break to get the flag repaired. Another place began separating and needed repair. We took the flag to Betty Peck. After examining it, she agreed that she could repair it, but it would be close to one hour before it was done.

We returned after one hour and met her husband, Steve. They are both very supportive of this walk. In fact when they learned that our inverter stopped working, which we use to charge our phones, she went and got their inverter out of their van and gave it to us! We charged our phones, and as we thought about it, we realized that we need a more powerful one because we use it to charge other things as well, so we gave it back to them. What a blessing to meet such giving people!

They also donated the flag repair, which looks very strong.


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