Day #183 – Items of Interest

Day #183 – Items of Interest

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

This morning, as we reached the starting point on I-40 and prepared to walk, a highway patrolman pulled up behind the car. He learned about what we are doing, approved, and left us to continue.

I drove to the next exit, where the Petrified Forest National Park is, and visited the entrance. In front of the sign were two very large pieces of petrified wood, which are pictured separately.

Walking along, Cross-Country Flagman Randy, a naval vet who is very interested and supportive. He also met Breifne from Ireland, who is riding his bicycle across the world.

At the finish line, John Groves walked up and met Cross-Country Flagman, learned about this walk, and gave him some small pieces of petrified wood to remember this area by.


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