Day #177 – A few of the veterans appreciating the walk

Day #177 – A few of the veterans appreciating the walk

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

During the time veterans were given opportunity to speak, Emilio Barriga stood up and expressed his appreciation for the walk. He stated that he had seen Pastor Chick walking, carrying the flag, when he was on the way to the VA in Albuquerque. His first thought was that he was a crazy old man. When he thought about it and realized what Pastor Chick is doing, a strong desire to be with him took hold of him. So, this morning when he came to this veterans meeting, heard Pastor Chick speak, and had opportunity to talk to him face to face, he was really blessed.

Veteran Raymond James came up to Pastor Chick, as he was leaving and said “I want you to have this” as he gave him a ‘safety pin flag’. He wants to know when Pastor Chick reaches Santa Monica!

Phillip Ramirez took many pictures at the meeting, which he said he will be posting on their veteran Facebook page.

There were others who spoke their appreciation and support that I do not have individual pictures of.

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