Day #172 – Testimony Received by Email

Day #172 – Testimony Received by Email

Darrell Groves, from Amarillo, TX, called me and gave his testimony to me. I also received the following written testimony via email from him:

My name is Darrell I work at Walmart in Amarillo Texas. Barbara and Pastor McGill came into the store one day and I got a chance to meet them. What a blessing that was. They were having problems with a tire on the car. Sometimes people just shine when they come in and they did. I didn’t know what they were all about and I soon came to find out. Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake he inspired me to find out. I get tickled about how god works in a special way. I’ve been having problems in different ways and God puts people into my life to make my day and he did. I believe in Pastor McGill’s walk across America. I believe in we need to change our children and their thoughts. Pastor McGill is making his walk across America to prove that to be true. Morality is an issue that we should all be concerned about and if you love the Lord you should be concerned to. Pastor McGill believes in the Ten Commandments and so do I. Let’s stand for what we believe in just like he does. He served this incredible nation and we should really respect that because that’s honorable. I see a man fighting for the believes that we should all be fighting for. We cannot leave God out if you don’t have him I asked you today to ask him into your life. He is the most powerful thing you’ll ever know. Pastor McGill strength comes to the Lord and I want a piece of that don’t you? Ask yourself today why am I here. If you’re truly seeking that God will answer . People like Barbara and pastor McGill are an inspiration to me. I love it when people show their faith . There is only one answer and its God. I love you Barbara and pastor McGill for making a stand. If you’re having trouble in your life today make a stand like pastor McGill and Barbara and I. If you’re truly seeking who loves you he does . God is powerful he’ll overcome anything that’s bad in your life. We all have worldly fathers but don’t you want the one that has the strength. He has the power and the love that passes all understanding he knows you. Accept him. I’ve been close to the pits of hell in my life and God can take you out of that. He is the strength in the love that you are seeking and he will change America as it stands. Pastor McGill and Barbara are truly a blessing in my life and I thank you for that.

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