Day #165 – A day of much interest in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day #165 – A day of much interest in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

This morning the walk began on wet pavement, with a little snow that accumulated overnight on vehicles and grassy areas. We experienced occasional snow flurries and light showers, but no rain, and no problem completing the walk today!

There were many people who took interest today, though we only have pictures of a few.

Pastor Chick told me that two people stopped him offering to buy his lunch today.

One time three people (one being a Ugandan) stopped by an apartment complex to talk and learn more about the walk. This talk was cut short as someone came out from the apartments and said “You can’t stand by my property!” They were on a public sidewalk, but chose to move on to avoid trouble.

At a service station, Pastor Chick met a homeless man named Walter, who offered him a knife and brass knuckles, insisting that he will need them! When Pastor Chick declined, stating that he believes the weapons he has are adequate, Walter encouraged him to keep walking right on out of Albuquerque in order to be safe.

One place Pastor Chick stopped along the way was a Shell Jiffy Lube. The men inside were excited to meet him and took pictures of him with their copy of this morning’s newspaper, etc. Pastor Chick told me they had a sort of revival there!

He also stopped at a Baptist Association to introduce himself and tell them about this walk. As he did, a gentleman came from the back and told him that they were just talking about him – and are trying to find a safe station for us when we move west from Albuquerque! What a blessing!

Down the road, a man driving an orange Mountain Wrangler stopped. He said he completely agrees that we Americans need to put God back in our lives!

We met Carl Osborn working inside a fenced-in area, who walked over to the fence to learn more. He said he supports what we are doing!

Dave & Anne Townsend, with Virginia Townsend, stopped to meet Pastor Chick and express their support! Dave is 90 years old and recognized him from the news.

As the Townsends were about to drive away, a van drove up and parked nearby. Felicia Chavez had seen and recognized Pastor Chick. She left to pick up Michele Palley, who also wanted to meet him, and returned. They both agree with the purpose of this walk. They called KOAT 7 ABC News and encouraged them to send someone out to cover this story. Thank you, Felicia and Michele!

After finishing the walk today, a man spotted Freedom Walker in a parking lot and asked if he is really walking coast to coast! He was amazed and impressed by the purpose of this walk.


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