Day #114 More Encounters

Day #114 More Encounters

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

While stopping to let the rain pass, we met Jaz and Joanna, who were both amazed that Freedom Walker could walk all the way across America! They recently moved to Oklahoma from California and very well understand, and support, our cause.

Continuing down the wet road in light rain, Alysha and Katrina stopped. They got out in the rain to get pictures with Freedom Walker. They had seen him on TV.

After walking awhile in the rain, Freedom Walker spotted a Mexican restaurant, Lindo Veracruz, in Sand Springs. As he was becoming hungry and cold, he opted to stop and eat. As we entered, Carolina, who saw him walking in the light rain, was in awe and asked what he was doing. She shared that information with our servers, Rene and Reyna, who told us after we finished eating that they paid for our meal! Thank you to the staff at Lindo Veracruz for your appreciation of this historic walk! Also, we really enjoyed the food!

Since it was still raining, Pastor “Chick” decided to stop walking at 11 miles today. Tomorrow we expect clearing skies with no rain, so look forward to a better walk day.


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