Day #108 Interest Expressed

Day #108 Interest Expressed

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Today, Pastor Chick walked 15 miles even.

There were fewer roadside encounters, and less pictures taken, so he was able to cover the distance in good time.

Phil Jenkins, Age 83, received a call when we were in Muskogee that we were there, and he wanted to go and meet us, but was otherwise occupied. So, today when he drove by, he was very happy!

A bicyclist from Muskogee stopped and inquired as to the reason Pastor Chick is walking.

A man stopped by the car briefly, asked if I was with “that man”, pointing to Pastor Chick, and expressed his support as he left.

Leif Wright got out of his truck and approached Pastor Chick and asked why he is walking. He was from the online news, and took some pictures, did a story, and it is online.

Later, Cathy Spaulding, from the Muskogee Phoenix News (newspaper), met up with him, took pictures and did an interview.


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