Day #105 Encounters

Day #105 Encounters

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Mathew Wheeler and Mr. Carter showed interest in the purpose of the walk.

Evelyn Lookebill expressed her support. She had read about the walk in the Times Record. She greeted Freedom Walker with “Welcome to Muldron!”

Rhonda Cantwell expressed her support, gave us each a bottle of cold water, and said “You probably will touch a lot of people’s lives. I appreciate you, know you’ll have an effective trip, and wish you have a safe one.” Skyler Cantwell, with Cantwell’s Hardware. also appreciates what we are doing.

Larry Lain said that some local veterans thought Freedom Walker was walking through Muldrow yesterday and were waiting and watching for him outside of Cantwell’s Hardware, until they went to look for him.

Cianan and Haley stopped to take pictures and learn about the walk. Cianan said that he would like to run across the country at some point.

Brian Cartwright with LaFerry Propane and Joseph Johnson, with AT&T, saw Pastor “Chick” walking and after asking what he is walking for, said that yes, this world has gone a long way the wrong way, and “God bless you!”

Also, a man from Texas, who guarded the president for 25 years, expressed his support.

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