Day #102 Interests

Day #102 Interests

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Matt Butler said that if all who are Christians would join together, it could be 50% of the people. If 50% of the people would stand for the Christian principles this country was founded on, we might have some influence and get this country back. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

Brenda expressed her support, saying she appreciates all we are doing.

Mark expressed his support as he gave Cross-Country Flagman water and wished us good luck.

A woman, whose male companion is an Arkansas State Policeman, said she would ask him to look out for him and be see if he needs anything.

A man with the Arkansas Department of Health was glad to see that he had someone supporting him nearby. He wanted to stop and talk with him when he was salauted, but there was too much traffic.

Dean Huggins heard on the radio that Cross-Country Flagman was walking through the area today and was glad to see him!

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