Sunday, September 21, Interests

Sunday, September 21, Interests

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Today, Sunday, we ate breakfast at Waffle House and met Malinda Stevenson and her son, J.T., who agree with our cause.

Then we visited a Freewill Baptist church and met many people who are supportive of our walk. Some had read about it in the newspaper.

3 responses to “Sunday, September 21, Interests”

  1. Cindy Simpson says :

    Hi, this is Cindy Simpson again. Just letting you know I am keeping up with your progress. Keep the faith, and journey on.

    • walkthewalknow says :

      Thank you, Cindy, for your support and especially daily prayers. We have noticed a general decline in roadside encounters as we progress west — not sure what that really means?

    • walkthewalknow says :

      I am proud to tell you that on April 29th, Pastor “Chick” McGill completed his coast to coast national prayer walk as he arrived at Santa Monica Pier.

      Updates along the route, as well as media coverage as he reached his final destination, can be viewed by visiting and clicking on either the Facebook event link or the blog link.

      We would like to see the flag he carried entered into the National Museum of History at the Smithsonian

      Please help us by signing the petition to them at

      Thank you, Barbara, Liaison Coordinator

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