Sabbath Interests

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Today we visited an SDA church. Bailey, age 12, came up to me and asked if I had met the man that is walking across the country. She was happy to find out that he was with me in the church and she greeted him, thanked him, and talked briefly. She was at the Pottsville Elementary School Thursday when Pastor spoke to the students.

During the worship service, James Teeter (non-SDA who called us just before 9:30) joined us. He is from Pottsville, had seen Pastor walking, and wanted to meet and talk with us. He said he had recently given notice at his job, believing he was being called somewhere else, but not knowing where. He told Pastor he would like to walk with him for a few days.

After fellowship meal, we had a nice time of fellowship and sharing. The pastor is a volunteer lay pastor. He and his wife, along with another couple sat with us in the foyer until almost sundown We shared about the walk, victory, perfection, trademark lawsuit, and more.

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