Day #98 More Road-side Encounters

Day #98 More Road-side Encounters

Chris and Margaret, in Russellville, expressed their support, as they told us about the miracles that have kept Chris alive when the doctors expected him to have either been dead or a vegetable years ago. Praise to God!

Brandon Baugh saw Cross-Country Flagman walk by from his Expresso kiosk. He called to me, asking if I am walking, and offered us free drinks. Since we don’t drink coffee, he gave us two ice waters.

Mary had seen Freedom Walker on TV and recognized him. She said “You have a good message!”

At Western Sizzlin, manager Jason, expressed his support, as he asked many questions about the walk, and wished us well.

Angela, also at Western Sizzlin, walked up and said she heard we were walking across the country, wanting to know more about it. When Pastor Chick told her we need to put God back in as head coach, she said “Absolutely! That is the only way we can make it.”


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