Day #84 – Bartlett and Memphis, Tennessee

Day #84 Through Bartlett and Memphis, Tennessee

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Today we were blessed to have many show interest and express their support of this walk. I have pictures of some of them. Also some I took pictures of from a distance and do not have names or other information..

Lenny Bellevue said that he saw Pastor Chick on NBC TV 5 news. He was blessed to see him personally and is very supportive.

Carmen, who is from California, accepted a walk card and can read more about the causes when she has internet.

An Iraq veteran says that he is trying to get America to return to the Christian principles that it was founded on.

A man standing on the corner agreed with all that Pastor Chick told him.

Matt Land says we have almost lost our country.

Carolyn with Bartlett Express walked with Pastor Chick to interview him.

Tony DeSantas agrees with the reasons he is walking and is very supportive. He recorded a speech to write an article. While he was recording this video, Rene stopped to inquire. She took a picture and gave thumbs up.

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