Day #83 – 14.0 Miles – Interest Expressed

Day #83 – 14.0 Miles – Interest Expressed

Note: Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Nathan Green had passed Pastor Chick walking, but it was not convenient to pull over. He found me in a parking lot, inquired about the walk, and asked if we needed anything. If we were hungry, he would have bought us breakfast.

Frances Whiitemore stopped the vehicle she was driving to thank Pastor Chick for what he is doing. As she learned more about what he is walking for, she was in complete agreement.

There was a dog wondering around on the highway. Julie and Debby asked me if I was trying to catch it. I told them I was not and explained what I was doing and why Pastor Chick is walking across the country. They expressed their support of our causes!

George Walton greeted Pastor Chick saying he had seen him on Memphis TV as well as on Facebook. He said that what he is doing is awesome – and called him the ‘Freedom Walker’!

Jerry’s friend told him about Pastor Chick walking, then he drove past him, turned around to learn more about why he is walking, and expressed his support.

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