Day #78 Supportive People

Day #78 Supportive People

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The first person that stopped Pastor Chick and expressed her support was Marilyn from Michie. A friend had seen him in the news and told her about him. She says “God bless you and be with you!”

Below are pictures of others that stopped to talk and express their interest and support.

After 9.9 miles, the walk for the day ended in Eastview, TN. It was a real blessing to be finished early as the temperatures are nearing 100 degrees.

When we came out of the store at our stopping point, we found Jimmy Rhodes from Milan, TN taking pictures of our pace car. We talked awhile and found him to be very into our causes. He prayed for us before we went on our way.

While we were eating, Joel, and his wife Andrea, Littlejohn sat at a table next to us and we talked awhile as they took interest in how the walk is going. Joel knew about the walk since before it started. He donated 2 route marker signs that we use to mark where the walk is stopped for the day.They are working out very well.

3 responses to “Day #78 Supportive People”

  1. Wanda Brasher says :

    Praying for you, saw u on highway 72 in Alabama, and i know God will give u the strength u need, stay strong and God bless u and your wife.

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