Day #74 Road-side Interests

Day #74 Road-side Interests

Note:  Please click on picture more than once to view all photos

Jeanne Marge was the first to stop and express her support. She had read about Pastor Chick in the newspaper and baked banana-nut bread for us! She said “we (she and her husband) love you; God bless you!”

Roy Lee Richardson stopped his logging truck behind the car, having passed Pastor Chick and having saluted him a couple of times. He and I walked across the road together so he could meet Pastor Chick in person.

Rebeca Brown, with the Department of Corrections, stopped briefly and said “Thank you for what you are doing!”

Jennifer Pollard rushed across the street to meet us on the two lane section of US 64. As Pastor Chick spoke, she recorded a video of what he said. She told us, “I am so proud of you!”

While we were speaking with Jennifer, Rhonda Hammock stopped and crossed the street to express her support. She is from Louisiana, had seen Pastor Chick on television, and was excited to find him on the road.


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