Day #67- Large Gathering of interested people

Day #67- Large Gathering of interested people

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I received a phone call from Jeremiah Johnson, asking where Pastor Chick was. Someone else in Hazel Green that had seen him and spoke with him encouraged him to find him and listen to him. So, I told him where he could be found.

I drove a short distance and found Pastor Chick in another parking lot speaking with Kay Campbell, an independent reporter for the Huntsville Times. She was on the way to work, saw Pastor Chick, and stopped to investigate, and she interviewed him.

During the interview, Steve and Cindy Hyatt, owners of CVRS Telecommunications, came out to see what was going on. They took interest, said they know this country is in a mess and needs healing, and invited others to come and listen.

At the same time, Jeremiah Johnson arrived and, as he learned more about the walk, said he loves what we are doing.

Jessica and Steven Osura are another couple that stopped by during our interview and heard the message.

Another was Heather Barholzen.


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