Day #65 Walking Through Gurley, AL

Day #65 Walking Through Gurley, AL

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This morning we were met early in the morning by people that saw Pastor Chick on TV last night, wishing us blessings.

Richard Berryman offered his support and says “God bless you for what you are doing!”

Rhonda Stiles, in tears, told Pastor Chick that God told her to turn around and tell him that he blessed her, he moved her. She thanked him for what he is doing and said it is good to see someone taking action!

Michael Gilbert gave him 1 liter of cold water and wished him God’s blessings.

Chris McAlister turned around and came back to read the sign on his back. After learning the reason Pastor is walking across the country, he offered him a drink and said he will put him on a prayer list.

Lonnie Williams offered his support, appreciating what Pastor is doing.

Billy Little read about Pastor and I in the Daily Sentinel and drove down the road to find him and offer him support (and get a picture of the two together).

His wife, Ozell, donated a haircut to Pastor Chick.

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