Day #65 Other Interests

Day #65 Other Interests

Note:  Please click on the picture more than once to view all photos.

Below are a couple pictures of people that stopped along the road to encourage and appreciate the walk (taken from a distance.)

In some parts of US 72 the shoulder was very narrow and the ground sloped down rather steeply. I found a small level place and pulled off the road, waiting for Pastor Chick so I could give him water. While I was making calls, I looked up to see a policeman at the window on the right side of the car. He stopped to see if I was alright. After learning about the walk, he recommended that I park with my flashers on at a crossover instead of at the side of the road in these areas and if another officer stopped by, tell him I am waiting for someone.. I got a picture in my side mirror as he was leaving.

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