Day #62 Interests

Day #62 Interests

Note:  Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Matthew Badgett caught Pastor Chick on camera, then caught up to him to encourage him. He said that he loves what we are doing and is so glad that we came through their small town of Stevenson, AL.

John Brown saw the car and took interest in the Liberty Petition. He said we need to get this country back to what it was with the freedoms we used to have, that he is a Christian, loves God and this country.

Emmanual Gomez encouraged us to pray to God, that He will get us to the end destination of the walk.

Isaac, Aaron, and Deanna Kinslow, who live in Oklahoma, learned about Pastor Chick on Facebook and were very excited to actually meet him and get pictures with him. They agree with what he is promoting.

Retired State Trooper Thomas Davis told Pastor Chick that he had walked by his house and he just had to take him something to drink. He says that if you don’t believe in God you will fall for anything. He wishes us the best, including safety from the actions of crazy people.

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