Day #61 – South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Day #61 was a very full day.

Please click on the picture more than once to view all photos.

As we reached the starting point, we were met by Neil Bennett, who we met at the church where our safe-station is. He also does some photography for the local newspaper. He helped us raise awareness a great deal in the South Pittsburg area by assisting with getting an interview with the newspaper, an appointment with Mayor Jane Dawkins, as well as a police escort through town! Thank you, Brother Neil for your support and for helping us to raise awareness!

Though I have a lot of pictures, most of the action is on video and that will take me some time to have that ready because there is so much of it.

One police officer, Brandon Price, met us before we reached the Blue Arch Bridge over the TN River. He presented Pastor Chick with a South Pittsburg Police patch.

At the Blue Arch Bridge, two police cars began the escort – one in front and one behind Pastor Chick. They took him all the way through South Pittsburg and then to US 72 in Alabama.


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