Day #58 Through Chattanooga, TN – Interested People

Day #58 Through Chattanooga, TN – Interested People

Note:  Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Angelina was first to stop and appreciate the walk. She had seen Pastor Chick on television and had to turn around and come back and express her support.

Kathy Groves saw Pastor Chick walking and saluting, so she stopped to see what he was doing. She was so pleased that she said she will ask her Bible study group to pray for us, will put this on her FB page, and call someone she knows at Channel 3 TV.

Mike, who was riding his bicycle, stopped, asked what he is walking for, received a card to learn more, and said “God bless you!”

Doug Beaver, truck driver, says he is a brother in Christ. He said Amen to the fact that we need God back in as head coach and wishes us God’s blessings.

When I stopped at a service station to find a restroom, Tracy came out of his office wondering if I was driving that car outside and wanted to know what we are doing. He said “Amen, we need to get back to God – the devil is all all over us.” He totally agrees that somebody needs to stand up and do something and thanks us for doing that.

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