Day #57 – Some Interests – Oolteway, Collegedale, TN

Day #57 – Some Interests –  Oolteway, Collegedale, TN

Please click on picture more than once to view all photos.

Here are pics of some who showed Interest as Pastor chick walked through Ooltewah, Collegedale, and into Chattanooga:

Paulina is very interested in our causes and said she is a free-lance writer. She spent quite a bit of time learning about the walk.

Ralph Whitehead saw Pastor Chick walking and turned around so that he could read the sign on his back – and learned about why he is walking. He ‘knows’ the America that ‘used to be’.

Faith Baker stopped and asked to get a picture of her little girl, Ayla, with Pastor Chick.

Kyle and Hunter really like our car – as well as what it stands for.

In Collegedale, the police said someone called and said Pastor Chick might need help, so he came to see if he did..

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