Day #51 – Opportunities to Share Message – Part 2

Day #51 – Opportunities to Share Message – Part 2

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Vicky, wife of a Vietnam war veteran, stopped at the side of the road to give Pastor Chick a bottle of water. After learning why he is walking, she expressed her support and said that she likes our causes.

Michael and Hope saw Pastor Chick struggling up a hill and thought he must be hungry. They stopped and said they had an extra Subway sandwich and gave it to him. After they learned about the purposes of the walk, they supported that also.

While we were eating lunch, Andrew, a truck driver, asked Pastor Chick if he always stops and salutes everybody. He agreed that America has really changed in the last 20 years. We met his wife, Brittany, their daughters, Eliza and Sophia, and their littlest one that is not in the picture.

While in Walmart, a postal carrier told Pastor Chick that he saw him in the Hiawassee newspaper – on the front page. That was a blessing as it told us that we needed to drive into Towns County today and obtain that paper. Pastor Chick gave him a card so he could learn more about the cause he is walking for.

Thanks to God for bringing these people into our path today. We see that these experiences were both a blessing to us and to them.


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