Day #45 Continuing West on US 76

Day #45 Continuing West on US 76

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Today Pastor Chick started walking at 6:15, just after daylight arrived. Walking again through an area that could have bears, and was very hilly and curvy, I stayed close behind him, but I was not present to take pictures of those who stopped and spoke to him.

He told me about one person who shouted from the top of a hill “I heard about you on radio and am praying for you!”

I saw a man driving a truck turn around, go back and take pictures, then turn around and continue on his way.

Pastor Chick told me that there was one dog that challenged him. He did not stop when he waved the flag at him and was prepared to use the wasp spray. He did not have to because the dog stopped before entering the road.

Also, when he was crossing a bridge across part of a lake, a boat passed underneath. When it came out on the other side, Pastor Chick and the boaters saluted each other. I did not catch them on camera in action, but I did get a picture of them on the boat.

After the walk, we met Karen and Gary Niklason who were both very excited about the walk and Pastor’s testimony.


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