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The Accident that was Blessed

Imprint of Route 66 License Plate from Car

Imprint of Route 66 License Plate from Car

Car Bumper Damage

Car Bumper Damage

Car Damage After Pulling Out the Bumper

Car Damage After Pulling Out the Bumper

Friday, June 20th was the day we had planned to move the RV to our new safe-station. All matters were arranged, and everything was working according to the blueprint.

We were towing the car behind the RV on the Demco car dolly as we have done regularly since departing from TN on our way to the east coast and back to Tryon, NC. As we were driving down Wade-Hampton Blvd just west of Taylors, SC, I heard some strange noise, but neither Barbara nor I could make out what it was. I cannot tell exactly how much time passed, but I looked at my side-view mirror and immediately saw that the car was not tracking with the RV. I then caught a view of the rear camera monitor, and could tell that we had lost the car from the RV. Fortunately, there was a wide middle turn lane available to me in order to pull over out of the way of traffic. Wade-Hampton Blvd is six lanes plus the middle turn lane, and traffic was heavy.

Once the RV came to a stop, we dismounted to see what had happened. The car dolly had come loose from the hitch ball, and the car had crashed into the back of the RV since the tongue of the car dolly went under the motor home chassis. The safety cables had done their work of keeping the car dolly from crossing into other lanes to the right or left. To our benefit, I had been driving in the left lane next to the turn lane when this detachment occurred.

As we examined the damage, it was marvelous to our eyes. It was as if a Mighty Angel had positioned the car in just the right place to prevent serious damage to the RV rear compartment and spare tire carrier. The heavy-duty bumper on the motor home met the front of the car in just the right spot to shear the plastic bumper and fold it up under the car, missing the radiator and transmission fluid cooling line by less than one inch.

Barb and I were able, if you can imagine this, to manipulate the tow dolly (with car still strapped down) and lift the tongue back onto the hitch ball on the RV. This was done after moving the RV forward and backing up for precise alignment. The process was a bit involved, but YAH led us through it marvelously.

We have discovered that the hitch coupler on the car dolly failed, but we were able to use it to limp into our safe-station without fruther event. It will cost about $30 for the necessary replacement part for the car dolly, and I can install it myself. I was also able to pull the plastic car bumper out from the position it folded to and cut away the damaged areas enough so that the destruction is not as noticeable. From all appearances so far, the car suffered no damage except cosmetic. The slight damage to the rear of the motor home was cured with a little caulking on the trim.

Thank YOU, dear Father and the Mighty Angel You sent to care for us in our moment of crisis. What a blessed day! 🙂

Day #38 — Greer, SC

Barbara delivered me to the walk site early, and I wore the Teva shoes for the first time in many days. I had intended to take it slow today, because I was to meet a news reporter in Greer at 8:30 am. I only had to walk about 4.5 miles to the meeting location.

I did not sleep soundly during the night, and from the first, I was tired, though I did not notice any foot problems until about 7 miles into the walk. I was determined, however, to stick with the Teva shoes for the full course. And, I finished the 12.1 miles with Teva, but my feet were not happy. It would have been better to change shoes at 7 miles.

Tomorrow is when we shift the RV to our 8th Safe-Station location, so I am off Friday, Sabbath, and Sunday. I should be rested and ready for the trek through Greenville, SC on Monday.

In the early 1980s, I lived in Greenville while I worked as area supervisor for Bally’s amusement centers. After leaving Bally’s, I launched Games Alive video game business with local investors from Greenville. Not long after that, I opened a deli in Clemson, SC with two other partners. Those were the days when I thought money was the root of all happiness, but it did not take long for me to learn the truth about wealth without Christ. Thankfully, God forgave me for my corruptions and misguided endeavors. Now I can say that happiness is mine even with sore feet.  🙂

Day #38 Interests

Day #38 Interests

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I was not present for most of the contacts of interest today, but here are a couple of pictures.

Kelly Pierce was excited as she told Pastor Chick that her husband met him yesterday (Tony PIerce) and told her about this walk.

In the second picture, there is a man behind the “Flooring” Banner. He had just walked over to Pastor Chick to learn what he is walking for.

Day #38 Newspaper Interviews

Day #38 Newspaper Interviews

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We met with Phil Buchheit, The Greer Citizen, at 8:30 this morning. Below are two pictures of him photographing Pastor Chick and one of him interviewing him.

After we walked down the road a short distance, Brandon with the Simpsonville Banner stopped us and asked if he could take some pictures and do a story.

Day #38 Flowers We Walked by in Greer, South Carolina

Day #38 Flowers We Walked by in Greer, South Carolina

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Day #38

Day #38

Day #37 on Video

Day #37 on Video

Day #37 Leaving Landrum, SC

Day #37 Leaving Landrum, SC

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Today the walk route departed from Landrum, SC and continued through country.

Below are some pictures from the day.

At the end of today’s walk, we drove into Greer to eat and tried to get an appointment for tomorrow with the Mayor of Greer.

Day #36 Walking Through Landrum, SC

Day #36 Walking Through Landrum, SC

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We met with Mayor Robert Briggs and presented him with a momento of this walk, a 40 day prayer guide for America.

Denise, with the News Leader Newspaper, took pictures and talked with Pastor Chick.

Pastor Chick’s stopping point for today was in Landrum at the intersection of US176 and SR14.

Day #36 Departing from North Carolina and Entering South Carolina

Day #36 Departing from North Carolina and Entering South Carolina

One state down, eleven to go!

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