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Day #42 Pastor Chick Gives Message to Young People at End of Day

Day #42 Pastor Chick Gives Message to Young People at End of Day

Day #42 Walking Through Westminster, South Carolina

Day #42 Walking Through Westminster, South Carolina

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Today Pastor Chick walked through the last part of Seneca and into Westminster, South Carolina close to 9:00 AM.

On the way to Westminster, Mike Alspaugh parked in the median and walked over to encourage Pastor Chick.

Entering Westminster, we were met by Bill Brockington (Mayor Pro-Tem) and Mary Beth King (Westminster News). Bill tried to get a group of people to walk today, but he found (as we did also) that there were many activities already planned this week. Mary Beth took pictures and will run a story in the Westminster News next Wednesday.

Bill walked with Pastor Chick through town to the Train Depot / Chamber of Commerce. As they walked, they met Jeff, a couple across the road yelling “God Bless You!”, Yousef, and Serena (as well as some others).

At the Train Depot we were met by Sandra (Bill’s Wife), Sandra Powell (Chamber of Commerce), and Sarah Lee. Pastor Chick presented the 40 Day Prayer Guide for our nation to Bill Brockington.

As Pastor finished his walk for the day outside of Westminster,town, Jerry, at Sanford’s Car Wash in Westminster, washed our car.

Upon arriving at his destination, he was met by a some young people, Hannah Grace, Ben, Levi, Charliey, and Jenny. These young ones were very interested in asking questions about the walk and meeting Pastor Chick. One said “I thought people like that were only on TV.”

Scott Long also stopped while we were parked at our stopping point and thanked Pastor Chick for what he is doing for our country and for Christianity. He said “You are 100% on the money.”

Yousef treated us to a delicious buffet lunch at his restaurant. He and Salim are from Jerusalem.

Day #35 Pastor Chick Travels South on US74 Saluting Passers-by

Day #35 Pastor Chick Travels West (not South) on US74 Saluting Passers-by

Day #42 Pastor Chick Reports

Day #42 Pastor Chick Reports

Day #42 Pastor Chick Begins his Walk Through Westminster, SC

Day #42 – Pastor Chick Begins his Walk Through Westminster, SC

Day #41 Through Central, Clemson, and Seneca, South Carolina

Day #41 Through Central, Clemson, and Seneca, South Carolina

From Day #39 Interview – FOX Carolina News

From Day #39 Interview – FOX Carolina News

Day #41

Note: Please click on the picture more than once to view all photos.

Today Pastor walked through Central, Clemson, and into Seneca. With the news about the walk having already been broadcast on 3 television stations, many people recognized him. This made for a very interesting day as many stopped for photographs and to learn more.

Mary Can, a 69 year old woman, said she is proud of us – both of us. She said that seeing him carry that flag gave her cold chills. She would walk if she could, but wanted to do what she can, so she bought us lunch.

Paul pulled off the road to meet with Pastor Chick. His wife, Linda, spoke on the phone with Pastor Chick. She had seen the news on FOX 13. She was blessed as she agrees completely with what we are doing and is proud of us.

A woman named Terry, stopped on her way to work at Clemson University. She had seen the news on Channel 4 and heard Pastor Chick talking about God. While speaking about it she said “Don’t make me cry.” After seeing Pastor Chick on the road, she had turned around, bought him cold water to drink, and took it to him before going to work.

Another woman pulled over with a ltitle girl in the car. The little girl said “Mommy, Mommy, that is the man we saw in the news last night. She wanted to get out of the car and get her picture taken with him, which she did.

A couple of people that saw his shirt stopped and asked what he is walking for. After Pastor Chick explained, they said “Keep Walking!”

When I was walking with Pastor Chick, we approached a man mowing along side the road. He stopped and got off the mower. Greg Houck saluted Pastor Chick at the beginning and end of their conversation and said “Be Safe!”

Farther down the road, when I was again walking with him, I looked across the street and saw two groups of women with cameras. I went across to speak with them and was told that they saw him on the news last night, so came running out when they saw him approaching to take pictures. They were pleased to learn of the website where they could learn more about the walk.

I saw two men run to meet Pastor Chick across the road. I learned that they initially approached him for money. Chandler admitted that he is a lost man, and was encouraged that he can change that right now!

Another woman came running out to meet Pastor Chick. After talking for a few minutes, she was ready to cry and said “I can’t shake your hand, I must hug you.”

Another car stopped full of a woman and four teenage or college-age girls. They said they want to walk tomorrow and may find him on the way between Seneca and Westminster.

A woman from KFC stopped and told him “Your lunch is paid for at KFC – just ask for Ann.”

Two teenagers, Samai and Brandy, met Pastor Chick and learned more about the walk. Brandy is a photographer, and asked to meet us later to take more pictures.

We met Christina and Jessica, with the Daily Journal, at the Seneca Town Hall. Christina did the interview and Jessica took pictures (but did not want her picture taken).

After the interview, we entered City Hall to present the 40 Day Prayer Guide for our Nation. We missed seeing the Mayor Dan Alexander, as he was out of town, and the City Adminstrator was tied up in meetings. We presented it to Cindy Kelley, City Administrator Secretary.

Before we left City Hall, we met Joel Seevy, who had referred our request for meeting to Riley Johnson, the Events Coordinator. Riley called the local radio station, which called Pastor Chick on the phone for a statement.

We ate at KFC, where we met Hazel and Elma. They took pictures and were blessed as they learned what Pastor Chick is walking for.

We also met Brandy, the photographer, and her friend Naomi at KFC. Brandy took a lot of pictures.

While I was waiting at a service station, I saw this squirrel sitting on a trash can.

Pastor Chick ended the day with 14.8 miles at Pine Cliff Drive.

Day #40 Post by 94.1 The Lake WSNW Radio in Seneca, South Carolina:

94.1 The Lake WSNW Radio in Seneca, South Carolina:

Day #40 Ends After Walking Through Easley, SC

Day #40 Ends After Walking Through Easley, SC

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