Just Walkin’ in the Rain

It was overcast and dark from the very beginning — nearly 6:30 am when I began walking from Calvary Church of God outside of Westminster, SC to the west. I wore the size 9 Brooks shoes and got off to a fast start.

During the first 8 miles, I managed a pace of faster than 3 miles per hour, and that was including some fairly long hills. There were light sprinkles of rain here and there, but I opted to keep up the walk.

After the 9 mile mark, the rain began to come down in buckets, and to my great benefit, I found shelter under a shed near the apple orchards. Of course, I was soaked pretty well by the time I reached the dry. The rain did not let up for a long duration. And, when the rain subsided, it did not quit altogether; so, I finished the balance of 12.7 miles in the drizzle.

Sky 104.1 radio news director from Clayton, GA met me along the road and asked me for an interview. He found another shed up the road under which we conducted the session.

Once the day’s walk was completed, Barb and I drove into Clayton to eat, and afterwards visited The Clayton Tribune where we held another lengthy interview.

We met some very special people on this Day #43. I think Barbara is posting what pictures she has to share. This was the first day since we began the walk that rain was encountered. Just walkin’ in the rain is not all that bad.  🙂

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