June 28, Day of Rest and Blessings

Sabbath, June 28th, turned out to be a full day.

As I was preparing breakfast, I saw a pickup truck drive up between the car and motor home, stop for awhile, and drive on. As we were eating, it drove by again, and left. I kept watching and soon saw the truck parked across the street. Thinking they might be waiting for us to go outside to come back and visit, Pastor went out by the car, and sure enough, they came back. They had seen the news on TV, and wanted to meet Pastor.

We attended a Seventh-day Adventist church, which turned out to be a black church and pretty friendly.

There was one white woman attending the service, who is a Romanian. When it was time for communion, she came over to encourage us to participate in foot washing, and our discussion began. When the service was completed, she invited us to follow her to her house and join her for fellowship with some other Romanians.

We decided to take her up on it. We drove through scattered rain showers, some of them very heavy. We lost track of her and turned around to return to the RV. On the way she called and we learned that we had driven farther than necessary, so met her at the correct exit and followed her to her house.

She drove us to her relatives’ house and we shared a late lunch with them and some interesting conversation. Before we left, her grandparents, who have a beehive, gave us a jar of fresh honey. When we were leaving, we were also given some fresh peaches.

We were offered opportunity to spend the night at Doinna’s house, but opted to drive back to the motor home because of a commitment we had made for Sunday morning. When we were ready to depart, she followed us to the service station, filled up our gas tank and bought us some juice and trail mix.

It was 10PM when we reached the motor home.

Thanks to Yahweh for the blessings of the day.



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