Friday Repose and Self-Examination

Last evening Barbara and I were able to relax in a place that had hot water for baths and showers. My feet and ankles were in great need of the water treatment. Today has been reserved for self-examination and character development. Barbara and I enjoy one special day per month for this purpose.

I have been surprised at how much my feet have rebelled lately. Perhaps the faster walking pace motivated by the new Brooks shoes has taken its toll. Anyway, I wind up taking three days off this week. I keep thinking this old body of mine is going to get in shape soon; I just don’t know how “soon” that is going to be. Heat is certainly a potential factor as well. I must try to begin each day at 6:00 am or soon thereafter, hoping to finish up by noon. When I have had success with that schedule, the intense heat of the day has largely been avoided..

Sabbath is coming in a few hours, and the additional rest and spiritual renewal is welcomed. Our Heavenly Father certainly knew what He was doing when He blessed and sanctified the Sabbath day on the seventh day of creation. As Jesus put it, “The Sabbath was made for man.”

Sunday morning we look forward to a breakfast and devotional at the Calvary Church of God a few miles from Westminster, SC. We were cordially invited by a young girl who attends church there. I told her I can eat six scrambled eggs from those free-range chickens, and she assured me that her dad would fill the order.  🙂


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