Day #42 Walking Through Westminster, South Carolina

Day #42 Walking Through Westminster, South Carolina

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Today Pastor Chick walked through the last part of Seneca and into Westminster, South Carolina close to 9:00 AM.

On the way to Westminster, Mike Alspaugh parked in the median and walked over to encourage Pastor Chick.

Entering Westminster, we were met by Bill Brockington (Mayor Pro-Tem) and Mary Beth King (Westminster News). Bill tried to get a group of people to walk today, but he found (as we did also) that there were many activities already planned this week. Mary Beth took pictures and will run a story in the Westminster News next Wednesday.

Bill walked with Pastor Chick through town to the Train Depot / Chamber of Commerce. As they walked, they met Jeff, a couple across the road yelling “God Bless You!”, Yousef, and Serena (as well as some others).

At the Train Depot we were met by Sandra (Bill’s Wife), Sandra Powell (Chamber of Commerce), and Sarah Lee. Pastor Chick presented the 40 Day Prayer Guide for our nation to Bill Brockington.

As Pastor finished his walk for the day outside of Westminster,town, Jerry, at Sanford’s Car Wash in Westminster, washed our car.

Upon arriving at his destination, he was met by a some young people, Hannah Grace, Ben, Levi, Charliey, and Jenny. These young ones were very interested in asking questions about the walk and meeting Pastor Chick. One said “I thought people like that were only on TV.”

Scott Long also stopped while we were parked at our stopping point and thanked Pastor Chick for what he is doing for our country and for Christianity. He said “You are 100% on the money.”

Yousef treated us to a delicious buffet lunch at his restaurant. He and Salim are from Jerusalem.

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