Day #39 Walking Through Greenville, South Carolina

Note: Click on the picture more than once to view all photos.

Day #39 was a very busy day, as Pastor Chick walked through Greenville, SC. Pastor Chick was interviewed by three TV stations – FOX Carolina, WSPA News Channel 7 On Your Side, and WYFF Channel 4. Fox Carolina came early in the morning, as we expected. WYFF Channel 4 came soon after, and WSPA Channel 7 came in the afternoon as Chick was on the road between Greenville and Easley.

There were 13 or more encounters along the roadside. Joe and Stephanie McCall, who both work at a hospital, offered to help obtain newspaper coverage, and offered assistance if we should have a need.

Sue Wilson, whose husband rode a bike across the country, was excited to meet Pastor Chick whom she thought her husband had met on his trip. After Pastor Chick explained the reason for saluting each American, she said “I like that!”

Caitlan, who is 5 years old, was very excited to see Pastor Chick carrying the American flag. She is proud to be an American and, as you see by her attire, likes the flag. Tiffany and Caitlan were on the way to get Catilan’s picture taken when they stopped to inquire.

Almost at the finish line for the day, a youth group was met standing by the road. Later we learned they were waiting for a parade to pass. Pastor Chick took this opportunity to speak to each one of them as he shook their hands.

As Pastor Chick reached the target for the day, the Parade for Wounded Soldiers was passing on the opposite side of the same road and all traffic was stopped. He decided to walk farther, taking this opportunity to salute all of the traffic as it waited.

At the end of the walk, he concluded with 15.2 miles and at least 8 hours of walking.

John and Veverly were very excited to learn the purpose of the walk and are ‘on the same page.’

Ann Thompson encouraged us and said she is proud of him.

At 5:30 we attended the city council meeting and presented the 40 day prayer guide momento to Mayor Knox White.

It was a very full day! Thanks to God for helping us, through all of these people, to get His message to the people of America.

Please see video for more, including what is not seen below in pictures.

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