Day #26 Encounters

Day #26 Encounters

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After leaving the mayor’s office, we met Reginald Guyton, who is a Jehovah Witness. We had an interesting talk. He plans to find us on FB and converse more.

Later a highway patrolman drove up by the car and asked what the Liberty Petition is about. After some discussion about it, he said that all we can do is just keep doing what we are doing.

Andy, who had seen Pastor Chick walking in Raleigh, stopped to give him some water as well as something to eat. Having previously been the head attorney for Golden Corral, he took some interest in the Liberty Petition.

Another officer met us at a service station to make sure Pastor had all he needed. He was very interested and supportive of the walk, stating that most people in the county would be also. He said that Pastor Chick made his day and that if he needs anything, he is welcome to flag down an officer and the officer will be happy to help him.

Another man, John Mastin, drove up by the car and passed this message to Pastor Chick through Barbara “Thank you for what you are doing.” He is from California and has settled into Mocksville, NC.

While parked alongside the road, a very unique visitor came to the door, trying to get my attention!

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