Day #26 A couple more interests near End of Walk

Day #26 A couple more Interests near end of walk

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While I was parked at Formac Automotive, three men came out to find out more about the walk and to encourage Pastor Chick: Thomas Wooten, Norman Forest, and Chip Essic.

Almost 1 mile left to go and Pastor Chick sat down to rest his legs. Charlie and her two granddaughters came to visit – and offered to buy ice cream.
Pastor Chick explained the reasons he stays away from sugar.

Very close to the stopping point, three members of the same family hurried out to meet Pastor Chick – Beverly, her son David, and her daughter,Rebekah. He had already been seen walking and they were excited to speak to him about the causes. They are on the same page.

Less than 1/2 mile further down the road, the walk for the day ended at Ridge Road.

After eating, Brenda Blevins and her daughter, Sharon, along with Sharon’s two children adopted from Russia, Krissy and Alex, expressed sincere interest in our walk. Brenda’s husband was a Vietnam veteran and he died last year from Agent Orange. She strongly encouraged us to enjoy the walk and our time together.

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