Day #25 Interests

Day #25 Note: Please click on the picture more than once to see all photos.

Pastor Chick departed from Lexington and walked towards Mocksville, NC.

I, Barbara walked with him today for almost 7 miles (with many breaks returning to drive the car).

We passed by the Leonard Laundromat, where Judy, Jennifer, and El came out to greet us. They had seen Pastor Chick walking earlier and wanted to shake his hand. They are very pleased with the cause.

Down the road a short distance, a car that had driven past us turned around and came back to greet us and take pictures. In the car were Jess, Trent, and their dog, Shepherd.

Sheila Tuttle drove up behind the car to leave a bottle of water and something to eat for Pastor Chick. As we were talking, Pastor Chick caught up to us and Sheila was able to greet him personally.

Another place I parked the car was by a mini-flea market. The two men working there, Robert Thompson and Brad Dunn, showed keen interest as they listened to Pastor Chick tell them about the flag and what it represents, how to regain self-respect, and other things.

As we were getting close to Mocksville, we met Jeff Wright, a pastor, who told us that he will pray for us every night and follow our progress. He went home and told his mother. She cried and sent him to buy a case of bottles of water to give to Pastor Chick. Jeff told me that Pastor Chick, walking across America, has made him proud to be an American. Pastor Chick had explained to him that the American flag represents we, the people, not the government. It also represents Jesus Christ, as he stands for liberty and justice for all. Red represents his blood, white represents purity, and blue represents royalty.

Pastor Chick arrived at his stopping place after 14.7 miles. As Pastor Chick was giving his report of the day on video, Julius Suiter stopped to give his support and encouragement.

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